"When I thought about bringing in a speaker for my event ...

I wanted someone who could bring helpful & innovative concepts to the table. Well, Bill not only did that ... he also infused his presentation with plenty of energy & humor! He definitely raised the bar & the feedback from our attendees has been extremely positive!"
~ Emily McManamon, Account Manager, Erieview Title, Cleveland OH


[60 Min Keynote or 60 Minute Breakout]
You can either go through the motions, or create emotions for your customers ... but your job might be the single thing keeping you back from unleashing a force that no one has ever seen.

Learn how to rethink the role that "creativity" plays in your day-to-day life and work ... and what you can do to break free to new levels.

[30 or 60 Minutes]
It's becoming harder & harder to stand out in a highly competitive market, requiring creativity & effort to differentiate, but consumers are always looking for something different. Will you stand out from the competition ~ or go with the flow and find yourself in obscurity?

[30 or 60 Minutes]
Neil Armstrong ... Buzz Aldrin ... but 3 men got us to the moon. Why does history conveniently forget the third?

How will you and your business stand out in a competitive industry? Learn how to go to new levels by not simply going through the motions anymore ... but rather, creating emotions for our clients.

[30 or 60 Minutes]
What if most of what you believe to be true about selling is wrong? ... and maybe detrimental to getting the sale? The world is changing so fast & customer expectations are as well ... so learn 5 strategies to outsell your competition in a highly competitive market. Because what got us to today, will not get us through to tomorrow.

"6 out of 5 stars!

Bill made 90 min fly by for a group of employees who were probably expecting a boring lecture on communication. Engaging, interactive, & thought-provoking, with a wealth of observations from his experience around the country, he made it more than worth our time even on a busy Friday in July. Highly recommend!"

~ Jim Janson,
Senior Managing Partner, Title Professionals Group, Ohio

[30 or 60 Minutes]
Customers face more options today than ever in the history of business. So how will your brand, product or service stand out in a sea of endless option and jingles trying to grab their attention? Explore what top brands around the world are doing to attract & retain their customer base ~ then architect your new customer-first strategy.

[60 or 90 Minute Team Workshop]
Is "team communication" always a hot button topic in your office? There's hope ~ Learn 3 ways to improve your teams' internal communication to reduce stress, open lines of communication & improve your client experience.

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From delivering large conference keynotes to engaging teams in small group working sessions or virtual meetings, Bill Svoboda brings nearly two decades of business experience into each power-packed session.