When Skies Fall by Bill Svoboda

When Skies Fall by Bill Svoboda

There's a movement or motion to this drawing ... a "pull down" from the sky above, a tension towards the incomplete bases of each building ... where life happens, and you and I live our lives.

I call this "When Skies Fall" because this is what it looks like when the skies fall and splash to the earth.

To the left is the IDS building, then in the center is Wells Fargo building and to the right the Capella tower ... but it's remarkable to see what happens when the Capella Tower and Wells Fargo building illuminate the night.

The Capella tower appears to have a halo around the top ~ and it almost looks angelic next to it the more ominous looking Wells Fargo building.

At night it's interesting to note the way the lights light up the structural lines of Wells Fargo building ... to almost look like a face.

But not just any face ... it almost looks like a demon.

It looks dark, contrasted to the Capella towers "angel halo."

Legend has it that when the "angel" was constructed, that it needed to be a little taller than the demon ... so the Capella Tower sits slightly taller in real life than the Wells Fargo building. 

Although the IDS is taller than both in real life, I think of the halo on topwhen i think of Minneapolis ... so I took the artistic freedom to make the angel the tallest.

I'm most captured by the drawing when I sit back and look ... my eyes drawn from the heavens to the base ... where the sky splashes to the earth ... to what's happening down here ... to the energy ... to the opportunities ... to you and me.

I hope you enjoy when skies fall.
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