"Touch the Sky" by Bill Svoboda

"Touch the Sky" by Bill Svoboda

Before US Bank Stadium ever came to be, there was a stadium known as the Metrodome.

Anyone who ever went to a game or event in the Metrodome knows that it holds a special place in each of our hearts. From the moment you entered through the spinning doors, to your exit when you were whisked out - pushed by the rush of air at your back, it was one-of-a-kind.

Fast forward though ... our beloved Metrodome needed some updates ... well, to be honest, it needed a lot of updates. I remember when I heard that the Metrodome was going to be demolished and there was news of a new stadium which would be constructed in its place.  Everyone in Minnesota knew that the Metrodome needed to be replaced, but we almost didn't want to see it happening.

I remember seeing the blueprints and mock-ups of US Bank Stadium ... it was unlike anything that I had ever seen with a point that goes to the heavens ... to the base which felt as if an asteroid crashed against the earth. 

It was massive.

It was monstrous.

It touched the sky in ways that no stadium had ever before.

Layer by layer I watched it being built ... I was captured by the sharp angles ... the way sunlight reflected off its dark side panels and specifically the point which extended upward.

There is no bad angle for US Bank Stadium, and no matter where you stand, it captures your attention - so as i draw this i just wanted to capture that same feeling with the lines creating a sense of movement to the heavens - and the point breaking through the plane to reach toward the heaven at the most drastic of angles.

This isn't just a building ... it's a place where things happen and an inspiration for each of us to reach to the sky with our own ambitions.  It's a call to rise from the ashes of what was, to create something that is remarkable.

I hope this drawing serves as inspiration for you ... as you think about where you've been, and where you are going next as you continue to touch the sky.
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