"Saint Motion" by Bill Svoboda

"Saint Motion" by Bill Svoboda

If you've ever driven through Saint Paul on I-94, you know how it feels to whip through this tight corridor where every part of the Twin Cities seems to merge.

You can get off here and go downtown, to see the capital or take a walk along the river ... or you can continue through to either Minneapolis or the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

There's just something about Saint Paul that feels like when I'm there, that I can rest. I can pause and take my time going from one little coffee shop, to a vintage store or bakery ... swing into the Science Museum or spend an afternoon at Harriet Island.  

I call this Saint Motion though because amidst all of the places that someone can stop at within the city, when you are on the highway, there's constant motion since Saint Paul is a traffic artery of the Twin Cities ... taking you from one place to the next.

I hope that as you look at this picture you get the sense of motion ... pulling you through to your next adventure, inspiring you to go to new places, to find new paths and to have fun on the winding road of life. 
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