"Saint Bridge" by Bill Svoboda

"Saint Bridge" by Bill Svoboda

No matter where you're standing in Saint Paul, the one building that always stands out is the First National Bank building ... and it's a big number "1" that lights up the sky.

You can't miss it if you're across the river at Harriet Island and from any angle of the city it stands out it's a beacon that you are in Saint Paul.

It calls out to the rest of the city ... to the rest of the state, that "this is Saint Paul."

There's something about Saint Paul ... something calming.

It feels like home.

If my life gets busy, I know I can take a trip to Saint Paul and find a moment for myself. It feels like I can be present right now ... I don't feel pulled in every which direction. I feel like i can rest.

When I thought about drawing Saint Paul, I wanted to find a view of the city that was not what everyone might expect - to put the view in a place they may never have sat before. So this drawing captures a view from across the river, showing a bridge to East Saint Paul ... while still showcasing the building that captures my attention at the heart of the city, the First National Bank Building.  

I hope you enjoy Saint Bridge - and next time you visit Saint Paul, find yourself walking its streets with a new sense of being present amidst the busyness of life ... because cities are alive, they create energy or take energy ... Saint Paul is my choice for recharging. 
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