"Flour for Days" by Bill Svoboda

"Flour for Days" by Bill Svoboda

Out of all of the skyline drawings of Minnesota that I've done, this one stands out because it represents the foundation of our state ... where "business" started.

In the 1800's, Minnesota was known for its thriving agriculture and farming industry.

At that point, the twin cities were not what they are today - and the state needed a center of commerce as the majority of natural resources in our state were "up north," in the form of farmland.

At that point farmers would use the Mississippi River to transport grain through Minneapolis where it got milled in this building, and others like it ... creating a thriving economy in the state.

I live right across the river from this building and at night when I look out across the river, I see this building as a beacon of our heritage - and I think about how this building actually produced food for our country ... how it was a mark of "innovation." 

You see, unlike today where software, process automation, medical breakthroughs or countless other things would be considered "innovative," this building was what innovation looked like in the 1800's: milling and producing food for the nation.

So this building stands for so much more than just an old building with a flour sign on top ... this was the start of an economic revolution in our nation. It stands for innovation and the birth of an industry.

So as an entrepreneur, this is a beacon of inspiration, as well as a landmark of the past. If innovating how the flour industry could change a nation, what can I do? What can you do?

Maybe hang it up in a room where you need that extra creative boost and I hope the next idea comes to you as you look at this drawing.

I hope this drawing creates an environment for you to go and dream about what can we do next.

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