"Dreams Across the Stone Arch" by Bill Svoboda

"Dreams Across the Stone Arch" by Bill Svoboda

The Stone Arch Bridge is a very special place in Minneapolis because it is a place where a lot of dreams start.

If you've ever walked across this bridge connecting Saint Anthony Main to the Mill District, you might see a lot of different pictures being taken ... from engagement or prom pictures, to graduation or even just couples out for a walk who want to capture the special moment with a picture.

And it's awe-inspiring if you ever look at the raging river below.

My jaw drops when I look over the edge - elbows holding me firm as I brace myself against the rail and the wind blows through my hair.

I look up and it's just, "wow."

Dreams Across the Stone Arch holds a special place in my heart because this is a place where if I have ever had a rough day, I can just take a walk across the bridge and something happens inside of me.

I recenter myself.

As I walk towards the city everything slows down...

And I can take a break from the busyness of life and open myself up to the new dreams and adventures ahead. I can silence all the distractions as the river surges beneath me and I can get lost in the moment.

When I stood here and thought about what this drawing was going to be, I wanted to capture the magnitude of the city and what it feels like to stand here ... and to be small.  To realize that everything is going to be okay ... everything will slow down and I can just walk across the bridge to take a few minutes for myself.

I hope that's the feeling you get when you look at this drawing.

What slow walks do you have ahead ... walks where you just want to process life ... and just take a minute for yourself?

What dreams do you have?

As you look up at this picture I hope if evokes a sense of "pause," but also a feeling of movement forward as your eyes follow the gentle white space of the bridge leading towards the city.

There's always another adventure ahead. 

There's always a dream to chase.

There's also the present moment to cherish.

I hope you enjoy Dreams Across the Stone Arch.

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